The building contractor Bulet International Nigeria Ltd has bought a new Liebherr LRT 1090-2.1. This is the first all-terrain crane in the Liebherr LRT series in Nigeria

From left to right: Aliyu Isa (Bulet International Nigeria Ltd.), Yves Pelleteret (Liebherr service technician). (Photo credit: Liebherr)

The high safety standards and the variable support base VarioBase® as well as Liebherr’s Familiar good service was an important criterion for the decision to buy the rough-terrain crane for the company based in the capital Abuja.

Aliyu Isa, CEO and Buletexplained: “The new Liebherr Kran will help us to continue our growth policy. At the same time, the security on our websites is increased. “

Safety equipment sets new standards

High levels of security in all respects are the top priority in the design of Liebherr’s new series of LRT cranes. They have a boom monitoring system as standard. The boom status on tires or supports is automatically recognized and saved in the crane control. The attachment of the ballast to the turntable and the installation of the optional double folding boom including its angle adjustment system are also recorded and monitored.

The Variable support base for VarioBase® developed by Liebherr, which is standard for LRT cranes, makes an important contribution to improving safety. With VarioBase®, each individual crane boom can be extended to any length. The operation of the crane is protected by the LICCON-controlled load torque limiter. This prevents accidents caused by human error during the assembly process and when lifting loads. VarioBase® also offers greater flexibility on site – due to the increased load capacity when lifting via the jib, the crane can lift loads that are normally reserved for the next higher crane class.

Safety is also increased through greater convenience for the operating personnel. For example the crane cabin LRT cranes are 220 mm wider than other standard cabins on the market. It can be tilted backwards for more comfort when lifting loads to great heights. Clear, self-explanatory operating elements make handling the crane easier.

The whole concept was also impressive Bulet. “We needed a crane for our workforce that is safe and easy to operate and offers a very good view from the crane cab. In addition, VarioBase® makes us more flexible on site, so that we can safely complete hoists in confined areas,” says Isa .

Amongst other things, Bulet plans to use the LRT 1090-2.1 at its sites to assist with tower crane assembly and lifting operations that require pick & carry operations. The LRT cranes are powered by a Cummins diesel engine This develops 194 kW (264 hp) and delivers a maximum torque of 990 Nm. A 6-speed powershift transmission from Dana and large 29.5 R 25 tires guarantee the necessary off-road capability.

Trusted Liebherr quality and first-class customer service

Bulet International Nigeria is one of the leading construction companies in Nigeria with around 1,500 employees. It built most of the infrastructure and government buildings in the capital, Abuja. Bulet currently has 15 mobile cranes.

Isa continues: “We hope that after the pandemic we can convert our fleet of mobile cranes to Liebherr rough-terrain cranes. We also just started a new project with two Liebherr NC-B 6-62 tower cranes and we hope to increase their number too. Besides, we have ten Liebherr Cement mixers and a pending order for twelve more mixers, ten Liebherr Excavator and five Liebherr Wheel loader. Liebherr is known worldwide as a manufacturer of world class products. We are familiar with the quality of the company and know how the machines work in very harsh conditions. Another key factor is the first-class after-sales service from Liebherr. The whole package made the decision to buy a new one Liebherr Crane for rough terrain is easy. “