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Preparations are currently underway for the repair of the Liebherr crane with a capacity of 5,000 tons, which was damaged while testing the newly built offshore installation vessel Orion.

In May, tests were carried out with the super-heavy-lift double crane HLC 295000 on the Orion ship. It suddenly stopped, however, when the crane’s hook broke and sent the crane boom backwards. See the full details in our story Here.

Repairs in the port of Rostock should be completed in 2021, said Liebherr. First, the international heavy load specialist Sarens was called in to rescue the damaged components of the HLC 295000. First, the damaged crane is attached to the ship so that it can be moved to another berth.

The components are then recovered prior to dismantling the crane. Both the 145-meter lattice boom and parts of the A-frame will be completely replaced by new components, said Liebherr.

Leherrold Berthold, Managing Director of Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock, commented on the operation as follows: “In times like these, partnerships show how well they work. Although we were affected by the events around May 2, 2020, we are convinced of the high quality of our products. We will therefore convert the HLC 295000 and successfully complete this project together with our partners. “