Garrett Bailey suffered “terrible” injuries while working with a crane at Bath Shipyard on Saturday and was initially in critical condition.

BAD, Maine – A Bath Iron Works rigger seriously injured while working at the Bath Shipyard Saturday was brought from critical to fair condition at Maine Medical Center on Friday.

Meanwhile, Bailey’s union, Machinists’ Union Local S6, raised more than $ 33,000 on Thursday shift changes from collections at the BIW gates, and an online fundraiser organized by the union was held on Friday at 4 p.m. 24/1995 US Dollars collected.

Garrett Bailey suffered “terrible” injuries while working with a crane and underwent multiple surgeries and other procedures on Saturday, Local S6 wrote on social media.

“His injuries are among the worst the Local Lodge S6 has ever encountered,” said the union.

A critical incident response team from the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, which includes Local S6, was at the shipyard Monday and Tuesday working with witnesses to the accident and others involved.

On Wednesday, US Department of Labor spokesman Ted Fitzgerald confirmed that the federal agency for occupational safety and health was investigating the accident.

In a statement Tuesday, BIW said staff, BIW safety and rescue personnel and Bath Rescue “took decisive action and provided immediate medical attention” following the accident.

“Understanding the facts and circumstances that led to this unfortunate accident is crucial so that we can learn from them and ensure that something like this never happens again,” the statement concluded.

On Wednesday, BIW shared a Facebook update from Bailey’s mother where she wrote, “He was sitting on the side of the bed doing physical therapy.”

Donations from employees at the BIW gates during Thursday’s shift change brought in $ 33,386, Local S6 said Friday, adding that Bailey “is already making remarkable progress in his recovery.”

At 4:00 p.m. Friday, an online fundraiser, also organized by L6, raised an additional $ 24,195 for Bailey and his family, for a grand total of more than $ 50,000.

On Friday afternoon, BIW spokesman David Hench said in a statement: “[W]We are encouraged by Garrett’s recovery and we wish him and his family the very best during this challenging time. “