The former commuter parking lots and flat land usages around the Wilson subway station in Toronto’s North York borough will be replaced by new, higher density settlements, including a growing portfolio of Collecdev. In addition to the other completed and under construction projects the developer is bringing to the area, Collecdev’s latest addition to this emerging density cluster is a gh3-designed complex called Nordic Condos a few hundred meters east of Wilson station.

Looking west over the Nordic Condos site, image by forum contributor drum118

Activity on this block of mid-rise apartment buildings has continued since last summer when a four-story commercial building at 530 Wilson Avenue and two four-story rentals at 470 and 490 Wilson were demolished. The demolition took place parallel to the drilling work for the geothermal system of the site. The demolition was completed at the end of 2020 and the new year began with the construction work around the site. In February, the excavation work was in full swing and in mid-April the first tower crane was installed at the bottom of the 9.9 meter deep pit.

View to the southwest over the grounds of Nordic Condos, picture by Edward Skira

When we last inspected the construction in May, the foundation of the foundation had started at the eastern end of the excavation pit. Foundation walls, inner walls and supporting pillars now characterize level P2 in the future two-story underground car park of the complex. The area currently under construction represents the floor plan of the rental building of the complex.

Looking south over the east end of the Nordic Condos site, image by Edward Skira

In the west, where the condominiums follow, a concrete foundation with a steel crane base was built, primed for the imminent arrival of the second tower crane. Once erected, it enables the formation of the next building.

Second crane base at the Nordic Condos location, image from forum contributor drum118

At the far western end of the pit, where the excavation was still ongoing in May, the bottom has finally been reached, so that only an earth ramp in the southwest corner has to be removed.

West end of the Nordic Condos site, image by forum contributor drum118

When completed, Nordic’s buildings will soar 41 meters above Wilson Avenue and contain 429 condominiums and 160 rental units to replace those lost in the 470 and 490 Wilson demolitions.

Nordic Condos, image courtesy Collecdev

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