Battle Motors, a leader in the development of electric vehicle (EV) technology, has completed the acquisition of the Crane Carrier Company.

Battle Motors was founded by Michael Patterson, the founder of Romeo Power. Paul Marsolan, co-founder and former CTO of InAuth, Inc .; and Nick Sampson, co-founder of Faraday Future and former head of automotive engineering at Tesla.

“We combine the best of the last century’s high-performance diesel and compressed natural gas technology with industry-leading EV technology to produce all-electric trucks for the market,” said Patterson, CEO of Battle Motors. “There has been minimal movement and very little fundamental innovation in this area. The merging of a traditional location in the industry with an innovative and cutting-edge technology company will radically transform this important sector of the transportation industry.”

The Crane Carrier Company has been manufacturing commercial vehicles for 75 years and is based in New Philadelphia, Ohio, with 180 sales and service dealers across North America. The Crane Carrier Company is a leader in the professional trucking industry, providing custom hard-to-drive chassis and purpose-built vehicles for the garbage and recycling, infrastructure maintenance, ground support, multi-stop distribution, agriculture, and oil and gas markets Battle Motors Company and Crane Carrier Company Brands for technical chassis.

With this acquisition, the combined organization will have approximately 200 employees, says Battle Motors.

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Battle Motors announces that it is launching the Battle-Ready Class 8 high-performance all-electric vehicle this summer with 12 world-class municipal customers. The Battle-Ready Electric offers the same comfort, visibility and reliability as the CNG- and diesel-powered LET2, but with lower maintenance costs, less noise and zero CO2 emissions. The company says its first trucks will be designed for front, rear and automated side loading applications in the garbage and recycling area, available in standard and crew cabin configurations.

Los Angeles-headquartered Battle Motors plans to have the Crane Carrier Company continue production of its Class 7 and 8 truck chassis from the company’s New Philadelphia, Ohio facility, which will be expanded from 125,000 square feet. to nearly 350,000 sq.-ft.

“Our dealers and fleet managers are hungry for full battery electric vehicles and I am confident that we will deliver the best EV trucks in space, just as we do with our diesel and CNG vehicles,” said Marsolan, CSO of the company.

Adds CTO Sampson, “We elegantly package and incorporate the best in class of today’s applied EV science into our own new innovations. This puts our products at the forefront of EV technology for customer-centric breakthroughs in space.”