America identifies itself as a nation of truck owners. America knows that electric vehicles are the future. But few Americans are sold with electric trucks. That is the result of a new poll by Reuters and Ipsos.

Agreement on the importance of trucks, electric vehicles

Reuters reports, “67 percent of all respondents agreed in a bipartisan consensus that pickup trucks are the American way of life.” An almost identical 65 percent agreed that “electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of the auto industry.”

While the results showed a somewhat partisan e-vehicle divide, more than half of respondents from both major political parties agreed that electric cars are the future.

But respondents say EVs are not worth the cost

That doesn’t mean Americans are ready to embrace electric trucks, however. Almost half of the respondents agreed that “electric vehicles are not worth the cost”. When asked which factors are important when buying a new truck, only 19 percent said they wanted an environmentally friendly truck. Longevity and low running costs were rated higher.

The results suggest that, in order to convince Americans, electric truck manufacturers need to focus on cost and show that electric vehicles are just as durable and capable as gasoline-powered trucks.

Lots of electric trucks in the pipeline

Several electric pickups are about to hit dealer lots. General Motors has started taking orders for its GMC Hummer EV pickup. At $ 79,995, it should do little to alleviate affordability concerns. But the Hummer name is associated with sturdy, durable vehicles.

GM says its most popular truck, the Chevy Silverado, will soon get an electric version.

Ford recently unveiled its F-150 Lightning EV. The Lightning starts under $ 40,000 and qualifies for the full $ 7,500 electric vehicle tax rebate. Ford says it has already received more than 100,000 reservations for the Lightning. But while Ford has cited a range of up to 300 miles, we’re still waiting to see what happens to the Lightning’s range when a full payload is pulled or towed.

The Tesla Cybertruck also starts under $ 40,000 and has the highest towing capacity of any electric truck released to date – up to £ 14,000. However, Tesla hasn’t revealed what happens to the reach when that weight is pulled.

The researchers surveyed 1,005 adults online between June 3rd and 4th.