TULSA, Oklahoma., June 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Auto Crane announced that Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems will now offer the full range of Auto Crane products and services across its branch network. Auto Crane products are in. to be available Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Direct current, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. The MAWS-Chesapeake office is currently a valued dealer of Auto Crane products and services.

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Jamie Varner, CEO of Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems, said, “Mid-Atlantic is an industry leader who has been helping our customers succeed for over 35 years. Our recipe for success includes only representing the leading manufacturers for the product types we represent, which is why we are so happy about this historic partnership with Auto Crane, a manufacturer of the highest quality service cranes in the industry. Partnering with an industry giant like Auto Crane allows us to expand our offering of premium products to customers in the Mid-Atlantic region while continuing to deliver the exceptional service they have come to expect from Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems. “

John Celoni, CEO of Auto Crane parent company Ramsey Industries, affirmed: “We are very proud of our partnerships – targeting the best in the industry and delivering high quality products, services and solutions is something that Auto Crane and Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems do We look forward to working with all of their locations and cultivating this shared tradition of excellence. ”

Mike Heffron, Senior Regional Manager for Auto Crane, concluded: “Together we focus on providing our customers with exceptional work vehicle solutions and the best after-sales support on the market Virginia, Maryland, the quarter, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia to benefit from the best products and service support, both in a number of convenient locations and robust mobile service availability across the Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems AOR. “

Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems offers the highest quality waste, service crane and recycling solutions in the world while offering its customers superior quality in products, service and spare parts. Founded in 1985 by Rich hood in a small office in Centerville, Maryland, the mentality of its central servant to lead who cares for customers’ needs throughout the ownership process, has allowed Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems to grow to over 100 employees in eight offices in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Wherever business-critical construction or maintenance work is being carried out, Auto Crane is behind the scenes delivering profitable and reliable solutions. Auto Crane answers questions that others can’t – about serious problems. Auto Crane has been a leader in crane construction and crane management operating systems since 1958. As the only mechanical truck crane manufacturer, we offer a crane and superstructure package that is absolutely stable in all lifting zones.

More information is available at www.autocrane.com.

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