Damen has received an order for a Transshipment Crane Barge from the Australian company Transhipment Services Australia (TSA), the company announced.

Since LADIES can deliver the new Crane Barge 6324 directly from stock, the order will be carried out within just four weeks. TSA has been selected by Metro Mining to provide handling services for its bauxite mound project along the Skardon River on the Cape York Peninsula, north of Weipa in Far North Queensland.

With a presence in three locations across Australia, TSA will operate the DAMEN Floating Crane Barge and has a fleet of five tugs and six dumb barges that have been successfully handled for Metro for four years. The company has also operated DAMEN tugs and shoalbusters in the past.

Sjoerd de Bruin, LADIES Sales Manager Asia Pacific, responsible for Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, comments: “We are pleased that we were able to implement this very quickly in just four weeks from the first customer inquiry to delivery to Australia. During this time, we not only partially adjust the barge, but have also arranged the financing through our customer finance department. “

Customer Finance Mr. de Bruin explains: “Damen has endeavored to make every effort to support TSA. If we had gone to the external financing options, the lead time could have been up to sixteen weeks due to the summer vacation, so our Customer Finance department, Legal and all of our colleagues in Yichang, China, stepped in. And given the financial precautions, our board of directors also had to approve the transaction. It’s an impressive team effort. “

TSA co-owner Darren Hedley stated that DAMEN is known worldwide for its high quality marine fleet, reliable floating cranes and professional service. “Our previous experience with DAMEN ships has always paid off and we are all very pleased to welcome this new ship to the fleet and to start loading Capesize ships in October of this year.” At 63 x 24 meters is the LADIES Crane Barge is equipped with a grab with a capacity of 15 cubic meters and TSA expects a loading capacity of an impressive 16,000 to 20,000 tons per day.

Brisbane Services Hub Once the customer and class requirements are met, the new Crane Barge will be transported from Shanghai to Australia by one of TSA’s contractors using an ocean tug. TSA also offers LADIES an extended warranty and support through LADIES Brisbane Service Hub. A service technician is present on the day of the ship’s arrival and supports TSA with all documents and papers, carries out the technical handover and offers maintenance training.

TSA’s new LADIES Crane Barge 6324 is expected to go into operation in the fourth quarter of 2021. Metro Mining Limited has planned an expansion strategy to ultimately reach an annual production of 6 million tons. A key element of this was that Metro could load Capesize ships. The switch to larger Capesize ships reduces the freight units per unit.

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