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Oilfield Technology, Thursday, October 22, 2020, 11:00 a.m.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has published API Specifications 2C and Recommended Practices (RP) 2D and 2D-2, a set of standards designed to help ensure the proper construction, safe operation, and maintenance of offshore pedestal cranes for natural gas and oil platforms as well as training for offshore crane operators.

“The safe operation and maintenance of cranes in the offshore environment is of paramount importance to the natural gas and oil industries. The updated API standards for offshore cranes include new design technologies. Operator training requirements; and maintenance considerations to help our industry achieve the highest levels of safety and environmental protection offshore, ”said Debra Phillips, senior vice president of API Global Industry Services (GIS). “Cranes are invaluable on offshore platforms. These changes embody API’s commitment to adopting new business practices and innovations to continually improve our operational and safety performance.”

The three standards included in the suite are:

  • The 8th edition of API Specification 2C, Offshore Pedestal Cranes, includes two new design methods related to structural considerations and underwater lifting. API Spec 2C is also part of the API monogram program, which certifies the manufacturing process for selected products used by the industry.
  • The 1st edition of API RP 2D-2, Training for Offshore Pedestal Crane Jibs, Operators and Inspectors, sets out guiding principles for training the personnel involved in the operation and maintenance of these cranes. The standard also contains the requirements for personnel who must be certified either as crane operators, jibs or inspectors.
  • The 7th edition of API RP 2D, Operation and Maintenance of Offshore Cranes, provides more clarity about the requirements of API RP 2D-2 and is also a supplement to API Spec 2C, the general principles for the safe operation and maintenance of these Offshore cranes sets. API provides extensive RP 2D training opportunities around the world to improve operating techniques and security.

All three standards are interrelated and work together to maintain the safety, environmental protection and sustainability over the life of pedestal mounted hoists.

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