It’s no secret that tandem elevators can be beneficial as they add 75 percent to an elevator’s rated capacity. The process involves more than two cranes, hoists, or hoists to make a successful tandem lift.

This innovative process is used in various projects throughout the crane industry. Recently, Anglemyer Crane Rental used two link belt cranes to successfully implement a tandem lift on a renovated water bridge.

In a press release, Link-Belt reported that an HTC-96110 hydraulic truck crane and an ATC-3275 rough-terrain crane were used to complete a 155-foot, reconditioned 60,000-pound water bridge.

The bridge is used to circulate water in a sediment pond for industrial sand production. To complete this heavy lift, Anglemyer Crane Rental had to operate two heavy duty cranes at the same time – a difficult task.Link belt cranes

“It was a unique setup,” said crane operator Mike Norris, who operated the HTC-86110. “A temporary ramp was built for us to bring the HTC-86110 into the pond. Then we were set up along with the ATC-3275 so we could select the bridge and bring it into position. “

After the planning process was completed and everything was in order, Anglemyer Crane Rentals finished the elevator with no issues.

The HTC-86110 counterbalanced more than 48,000 pounds while the ATC-3275 had to reach 15 feet. To combat this problem, the machine was moved to a higher level to enable the elevator.

“We ended up with almost £ 36,000. (16,329 kg) and lifted and placed on the center pivot, ”said Norris. “Every time we do a two-crane pick, we have two crews that we will use.”

Information provided by Link-Belt Cranes and edited by Chantal Zimmermann.