The ALL Family of Companies, a privately owned crane rental company and seller, is adding a new package from Manitowoc, a supplier of hoists to the global construction industry that includes five new crawler cranes and a selection of jibs, booms and other attachments to strengthen the Service in the target customer markets.

The included crawlers include two Manitowoc 14000 Series 3 and three MLC300 VPC Series 3. The attachments consist of two MLC650 VPC booms with wide booms and one each of 14000 luffing booms, 999 luffing booms, MLC300 VPC boom extensions, MLC300 VPC-MAX Attachments and MLC650 VPC-MAX attachment.

Rick Mikut, head of crawler cranes at ALL Crane’s, worked with Manitowoc on upgrades to the 220 ton capacity 14000 Series 3, recommending adjustments that improved the cab and adding counterweights to increase the load chart when the boom is extended .

“Among other things, the new 14000 fills a capacity gap that will be very useful for using girders in bridge work,” says Mikut. “For example, when building and repairing wind power, the ability to work safely at an additional five miles an hour is an advantage when you’re working that high.”

In addition to wind work, Mikut expects the new caterpillars and attachments to be in demand in markets such as infrastructure, industry and plant maintenance.

The investment also reflects the continued popularity of the MLC300 VPC and adds three new units to the fleet. The various attachments included with purchase provide customers with additional options and the flexibility to further customize the equipment depending on the application.

Delivery takes place all year round – with distribution to the 33 national branches of ALL.