CRANE, Texas (Nexstar) – The Golden Cranes have had a number of playoff appearances lately. However, the seasoned team is looking for more this year. In each of the past three seasons, Crane has won a playoff game, only to lose the following week.

“Getting through the second round is a pretty big goal for us,” said senior quarterback Jaxon Willis. “If we can do that, we just have to see how far we can go.”

Seniors like Jaxon Willis believe that the unity of the team on and off the field will help this trusted team succeed.

“This year, I have to be more of a vocal leader and, most importantly, get our boys to do the right things outside of the football field in the classroom and only in town,” Willis said. “The most important thing is, we just have to stick together.”

Behind a stingy defense, Crane posted three shutouts last season. Aggression and toughness are great strengths of the team.

“We have men on the line and backers who are going to beat you,” said Pacen Smith, senior safety / wide receiver. “They will hit you hard. No matter what – even if you are wrapped up, fly to the ball as fast as you can. Neither of them is afraid. “

The Golden Cranes have the ability and now several years of playoff games to rely on. They believe the experience will prepare them for their games at the end of the season.

“The difference between one and two years of football is really overwhelming,” said Smith. “We had people who were newbies to college and played on the defensive in the playoffs. It helped a lot. “

“Pretty much everyone in college has playoff experience and county championship experience so that will help,” said Willis. “It won’t be a shock to them when we get there.”