The German crane rental company Hüffermann Krandienst has ordered 70 new Liebherr cranes to set up a new tower crane rental business.

The order consists of a range of models, from self-erecting machines, including the four-tonne L1-32 with a 30-meter boom and 1,050 kg top boom capacity, to an assortment of K-Series cranes with capacities from four to eight tons , and jibs up to 55 meters, plus a number of top twists, crowned by the 12 ton 370 EC-B 12 Fiber Flat Top with 78 meter jib and 2,800 kg jib peak capacity, the first fiber rope crane in the Hüffermann fleet.

The first units were recently handed over at a meeting at the Liebherr tower crane production facility in Biberach, Germany. In addition to checking delivery dates, etc., Liebherr has agreed to train Hüffermann’s most important customers on the new cranes.

(LR) Christoph Rieß from Hüffermann, Alexander Beck from Liebherr, Daniel Janssen from Hüffermann, with Stefan Westermann and Rupert Wieser from Liebherr

Hüffermann managing director Daniel Janssen said: “We have always been more than satisfied and already know that we will increase the order to 250 cranes.

Hüffermann, based in Wildeshausen, was founded in 1913 and operates a fleet of 160 mobile and crawler cranes with load capacities of up to 1,000 tons. In addition, the company operates a fleet of truck-mounted aerial platforms, scissor lifts and aerial work platforms, as well as a fleet of heavy haulage and transport vehicles. The company is currently in a major expansion phase after taking over Eisele See in May: Hufferman takes over Eisele and in the same month he bought 20 new Liebherr all-terrain and crawler cranes and a 1,000-tonne LR11000 See: 20 new Liebherr -Cranes for Hüffermann.