A large crane boat has arrived in Jersey to inspect the storm gate at Elizabeth Marina.

The Antigoon ship entered the island’s waters ahead of schedule to begin work on the structure, which was damaged after part of the mechanism failed in November 2018.

A team from the Belgian company Herbosch-Kiere will remove the storm gate and transport it to New North Quay, where it will be cleaned and inspected.

Specialized divers then perform a structural examination on the gate to determine if it needs to be replaced or if it can be repaired. In both cases, the storm gate would not be reinstalled until later in 2021 after the main boating time had expired.

We are very happy to have received this project and to work in Jersey again. This is a very important and critical infrastructure contract for the marina. We look forward to working with Ports of Jersey to resolve the longstanding issues surrounding the Elizabeth Marina Storm Gate.

Allister Humby, Managing Director of Herbosch-Kiere Marine Contractors

The harbor master says there will be some inevitable disruptions to normal operations but that they are working with the boat users to make sure this is kept to a minimum.

We are very pleased that this project represents a major step in solving the longstanding problems associated with the Elizabeth Marina Storm Gate. We are also delighted to work with Herbosch-Kiere and look forward to using their skills in Jersey.

Captain Bill Sadler, Jersey Harbor Master

Some areas of the promenade around the marina will also be closed during the work.

Ports of Jersey claims it has worked with the government to ensure all security protocols are followed.

Staff working on the project will undergo a PCR screening on arrival and throughout their stay. They will also work and live in isolation in purpose-built buildings, away from members of the public.